Projects Using HGE Thu, 30 Jun 16 17:44:47 -0700 Projects Using HGE en-CA HGE portable parser 2015 (Preview version) Mon, 26 Oct 2015 23:45:59 -0700 SantalLican 6531@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
Ok, let's start with Cons and Pros...
Pros :
- C++ friendly code, produces instant results
- Lightweight, fast and versative, very portable and interative
- Can run in various enviroments (Console, WinAPI and 2D environment)
- No compatibility problems (x86 && x64), runs in Windows
- No installation, no trash producing when compling code
- Reduces complication, no tricky compiling errors
- Equipped with a large number of embedded functions and libraries for instant uses
- Good for demonstrating purposes
- Good for emergency purposes

Cons :
- Lacking C++ features and some essential functions tend to be missing
- HI Interpreter in Interactive mode does not compile functions and structures
- HI Interpreter cannot detect syntax errors but it is very sensitive to them
- No automatic debugging. You probably need to insert manual debugging instead

First, please find and run Introduction.cpp to get started. HI Interpreter has not yet offically completed so there may not be much documentation. Additionally, because it's just halfway developed, I can't guarantee it will give you satisfying results...

But if you can find some good thing about my HI Interpreter, please cheer me on. With your encouragements, I promise I will do my best!!!

HI Interpreter link :

And here are my screenshots :

Console :


Problem rendering mBullet Thu, 23 Apr 2015 09:25:24 -0700 Snigelmat 6530@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
I'm new to HGE and also pretty new to C++. I'm having problem with the rendering of the sprite mBullet. I'm totally stuck. I've checked all parameters in Bullet::Bullet(...) and they are correct. I tried using numbers instead of two ints when rendering, same problem. It just doesn't render.
When trying to use the breakpoint in Bullet::render(), it breaks instantly as I start the program for some reason. Perhaps that's where the problem lies.
Any help at all would be great.
Thanks in advance]]>
Help: the standard data type "double" became data type "float" After hge engine initialized! Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:27:32 -0700 huanghm 6522@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions When I developed a game using hge engine, I met a big problem. look the fllowing codes please.


double a = 10000000034.0;
double b = 10000000011.0;
double c = 0.0;
c = a + b;

m_hge = hgeCreate(HGE_VERSION);
if (NULL == m_hge)
return false;
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SHOWSPLASH, false);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_FRAMEFUNC, HGE_Callback_FrameFunc);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_RENDERFUNC, HGE_Callback_RenderFunc);
...... other paramater State setting ......
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_WINDOWED, true);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENBPP, 32);

if (!m_hge->System_Initiate())
double d = 10000000034.0;
double e = 10000000011.0;
double f = 0.0;
f = d + e;


return false;

} //the end

when I debug into the code line, the value of variable c is 20000000045.000000 , the value of variable f is 20000000000.000000 , what's wrong with it? It seems that the standard data type "double" became data type "float" After hge engine initialized. That means the precision is lost.

but I need to use the standard data type "double" in my game program.
I have no idea for how to solve it, please help.

Best regards
Need Help---old PC and new PC runs game different. Wed, 05 Mar 2014 02:02:52 -0800 wangjing524 6512@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

m_hge = hgeCreate(HGE_VERSION);
if (NULL == m_hge)
return false;
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SHOWSPLASH, false);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_FRAMEFUNC, HGE_Callback_FrameFunc);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_RENDERFUNC, HGE_Callback_RenderFunc);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_TITLE, "HGE demo");
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_USESOUND, false);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_WINDOWED, true);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENWIDTH, 1022);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENHEIGHT, 708);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENBPP, 32);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_HIDEMOUSE, false);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_FPS, 1000);
m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_HWNDPARENT, gameWindow);
// m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_ZBUFFER, true);
// m_hge->System_SetState(HGE_TEXTUREFILTER, false);
if (!m_hge->System_Initiate())
return false;
how to improve FPS when HGE work in windows mode? Fri, 29 Nov 2013 23:20:45 -0800 ACK 6503@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions Ex:my project work in 2560 * 720 (two screens) or 6400 * 900 (four screens) resolution!It works well in full-screen mode but sometime Windows only supports extended desktop and I had to use windowed mode (or that there are other ways?)So FPS drops to a very low]]> Space Chunks II BETA Wed, 22 Sep 2010 14:07:12 -0700 EggRogue 5831@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
Space Chunks II !!!

Engage in awesome space battles in this fast paced action arcade game.

Would appreciate feedback :)


Music Frequency Wave Animation Wed, 25 Sep 2013 09:01:42 -0700 zydgyy 6491@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions FontEffManager (Pre-beta) released ! Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:14:46 -0700 SantalLican 6358@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
So, what's new in 1.1 pre-beta (Short) :

- Added FontEffLoader class. (In progress)
- Fixed some minor problems.
- Optimized some of data structures.
- Hyperlinks supports (new !)
About FontEffLoader : Previous topic :

Check out guys, get it out here :

Check new documentation, samples, or tutorials here :

Unicode charsets (If necessary) :
Some help required, particle problem. Thu, 25 Jul 2013 08:01:00 -0700 Magusware 6462@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
I'm Chris, the programmer for new indie team Molten Rock Studios, currently working on a platform game called "The Eight Seas" -

I have run into a problem with the project, quite old in terms of the project but I think it's about time it gets sorted out.

My particle systems are behaving very oddly. They are emitting particles to an offset. What I mean is, the actual origin of the particle is correct, BUT the particles themselves seem to be magnetic or rather they gravitate to the top left. So the whole emission becomes offset (where they are created is in the right place though. The psi's are perfect in particled.


Thanks in advance.


Actually, I think it's the origin that's out of place, by 16x16, the emissions are in the correct place.]]>
Basis 2d animator Thu, 11 Jul 2013 22:13:01 -0700 achild 6457@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
Basis will be completely free but it still has a lot of work to do, which is why we eventually determined to start a Kickstarter.

Here is a link to the download page.

This will pretty much determine how much further we can take it. We have no idea how the community will respond, but we're excited to release finally! It might sound weird but I still find HGE to be easier to use and to have more features than a lot of other 2d frameworks released in the least 5 years. Maybe it's just me... anyway of course we had a working demo in a matter of hours. Take a look!

(Hmm I can't seem to figure out how to post images - but check out the link above to see what basis is like!)]]>
HI Interpreter completed (preview version) Mon, 03 Jun 2013 02:18:33 -0700 SantalLican 6438@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
It creates portable code so the code works on all computers with the same platforms (for example Windows, x86)

It has some wrapping libraries (already statically linked) and I call it "plugins". I'm trying to complete all remaining libraries, such "windows.h" - it's very large and I've just finished my Windows GDI... :)

My pack contains some chapters :
- HI Interpreter tutorials (console mode)
- WINAPI applications
- HGE Game Engine
- Much more...

Because it's just a preview version, I only include an executable. After my interpreter is completed, you can export all stuff & create your own plugin libraries, such as DirectX, Irrlicht and many more...

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated!]]>
Mercior's Animator Mon, 22 Dec 2008 10:03:44 -0800 mercior 4407@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
Using this method of animation can save a lot of memory over traditional 1-sprite-per-frame type animation, especially when you want to animate a large object.

I am releasing the editor in this post, and included in the download link is source code (a single .h file) with a class to play back the files that the animation editor saves.

I don't have any documentation written for the editor but the buttons are pretty self explanitory and I've detailed keyboard shortcuts below, so let me know what you think!

Latest Version: (a little outdated)

Some keyboard shortcuts:
+ Ctrl+Z = Undo
+ Spacebar = Play / Stop
+ Q, E = Next / Last Frame
+ Shift+Click = Add to selection
+ PGUP/PGDN = Increase/Decrease soft selection radius
+ WASD = Move nodes
+ Shift+W/S = Scale Nodes
+ Shift+A/D = Rotate Nodes

Uninitialized Thu, 30 May 2013 23:31:43 -0700 bryan226 6436@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

ingame screenshot
ingame screenshot
ingame screenshot

About it:
The player is experiencing a ‘life circle’ while playing, he doesn’t know who he is and what he’s supposed to do, so he keeps traveling. On his journey he is literally walking in a circle collecting new memories and wishes. In his lifetime the player will meet other people which are also continuously throwing new – weird memories into his life. If the player tries to connect to those people they suddenly disappear, leaving nothing but sad memories about thing that will never ever happen again.
It doesn’t matter how hard he tries, it always ends up the same, old way..
Till one day, where he collects too much memories, and dies.


Hardware dependent life-circles
Three difficulties (Low / Medium / High)
Fullscreen support
Minimalistic artwork
Two game-modes (Free play & Story)
Silence (Absolutely no sound!)
Screensaver included

It was a really good experience finishing off a product again, this time with a lot personal expression inside the story mode. The story is rather a sort of ‘short story’ that is being told, some thoughts that have been catching me for a while that just had to get out. It’s also the first time that I ship a finished product with an installer so you should be just ready to go, it will install all needed dependencies automatically. For those of you who would rather have an .zip instead of an installer I’ll upload both. I’d also like to amplify shortly on two points of the features: ‘Hardware dependent life-circles’ basically means that you can play the game as long as your computer can handle it. The included screensaver can be optionally installed.



I've been able to render more than 177000 objects on my old notebook and still had about 20FPS (note that this is an older build):


Any feedback is appreciated!

New : Focus demonstration !!!! Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:01:21 -0800 SantalLican 6391@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
(Instant download !!!)
I used focusing 40-character per loop.
Created by : FontEffManager

What do you think?]]>
2D dynamic shadows demo (+source code included!) Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:28:34 -0800 kijanek6 5256@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
I've made a demo which uses 2D dynamic lightning using HGE. The code is pretty small (~260 lines) and roboust (gets ~700 FPS on C2D T7500 and GF8600GT with ~30 shadow casters). Unfortunately source is commented in Polish, but I hope you'll handle that ;)

Here you can watch this in action: click!

Here you can download it: click! (238 kB, binary + source + C::B project)

Here you've got also two screens:
image image

Source shared under image

New version available:]]>
Unicode loading charsets : Click here !!!! Wed, 31 Oct 2012 10:56:00 -0700 SantalLican 6378@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions No problem. The solutions are here !
Is your charset missing or not in the list ? Report here !
Thanks all friends who helped me find out the Unicode charsets !
Enter, input unicode characters from virtual keys (on the screen), click here !!!

New version of FontEffManager is here !!

Screenshots : See here !

Only set your own language ? Or multiple languages ? All in one ! Look down !

Now, let's start !
First, you should remember : The difference between FontLoader::GetTexture and FontLoader::GetTexture2
FontLoader::GetTexture : Loads regular ANSI charset.
FontLoader::GetTexture2 : Loads UNICODE charset.
Powerful loader : (FontLoader).

To get any Unicode charset : Use FontLoader::GetTexture2 to get Unicode font charset then use TextEx::SetTexture.
Note : FontEffManager supports edits, copies (Ex : Ctrl + C), and pastes text on the screen.
Simple ! Just 3 lines :

//TextEx *Txt;
wChar nStart = /*Start charset point*/,nEnd = /*End charset point*/;
FontLoader *fntLoader = new FontLoader(/*Your Unicode Font Name*/);
HTEXTURE tex = fntLoader->GetTexture2(0,0, nStart, nEnd);
Txt->Font_SetTexture(tex , nStart, nEnd,fntLoader->vChars);

Voila ! Very clear !
Hmm... Each part can only hold up 8192 characters. Otherwise, it will crash.

Unicode charsets here !!!

////Korean (Most popular request) - 3 Parts (About 12000 characters) :
//Part 1 : 44032 - 50000
//Part 2 : 50001 - 55203
//Part 3 : 12593 - 12686 //Syllables
//Range : 1025 - 1119
//Range : 12288 - 12534
////Chinese (Many of unknown character symbols - jumble ( [] -> this !)) (About 20000 characters !?!?!!!) :
//Part 1 : 19968 - 27000
//Part 2 : 27001 - 35000
//Part 3 : 35001 - 40864
//Syllables (The hard ANSI problem) : 65280 - 65439 //If necessary

Example : Loading Russian characters !!!

//TextEx *Txt;
wChar nStart = 1025, nEnd = 1119; //Choosed Russian charset.
FontLoader *fntLoader = new FontLoader("Arial" /*Or any Russian font*/);
HTEXTURE tex = fntLoader->GetTexture2(0,0, nStart, nEnd);
Txt->Font_SetTexture(tex , nStart, nEnd,fntLoader->vChars);

-> Now your Russian font is ready for rendering ! So great !!!
FontEffManager can hold up above 100 types of different charsets !!!
Tip : To input Unicode characters (basic input), just hold Alt and enter character code (Numpad).
Try the hgeNotepad ! (The best method to find missing languages ! Let's hunt '???' characters from your Unicode text ! And post them here !:)
Or are you afraid of posting here ? Find my mail, perhaps my mail is posted at somewhere on the fourm, maybe it's in hgeNotepad discussion.

Enjoy !!!]]>
Reincarnations - Awakening Mon, 12 Oct 2009 21:23:59 -0700 kvakvs 5039@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions It is #3 in Top10 and we expect it to go higher.

Game page:

People's opinions and discussions of the game:]]>
hgeNotepad !!! Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:49:59 -0700 SantalLican 6351@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
I've spent two days to make a notepad program. I only use one FontEffManager object to make it.
General features :
It is designed for the best performance.
Print directly unicode characters on the screen.
Full-functional (Over 50 functions)
And much more...

About hgeNotepad : My FontEffManager is still beta version. You need to download it once, try all features, help me detect and fix bugs, and show me your improvement suggestions. This is "static edit" mode, and if you wanna "animated edit" mode, please move your eyes to :

I don't limit FPS rate, but I use WaitMessage function which can freeze program when no messages are received.

And how to use ? Simply :
Get it out here :

How to test : Just try all features (Press F1 for help). Do everything that my program can support : Open file, copy, paste, edit, insert, cut, shift selected text, change size or color, align text, explore setting files, etc... to find missing languages, bugs and easily express your comments or ideas.

And this is my screenshots : (kvakvs's suggestions)

Languages Reader :

Text & Gallery

Background :

Download the text file example :]]>
Changed Logo Splash (#01 include all source) Fri, 05 Oct 2012 23:46:39 -0700 laguz 6352@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions Changed Logo Splash (#01 include all source) for Beginner
Feel thankful to all people reading this doc.
hey guys.
previously i saw the Logo Splash in relishgames_forum.
but there was hge->System_SetState(HGE_SHOWSPLASH, false);
/// "(HGE_SHOWSPLASH" This is ordinary offering Logo Splash in hge engine.
/// but it is no changed ur LogoSplash.
/// There is a way, but be complicated.
/// In fact.. i don't know changed ordinary offering "hge engine logo splash" . XDXD
so i make the Logo Splash and shared XDXD.
u can using logosplash in hge with this source!

The Link :
/// if u can't find the link, u send mail to me.
/// using VS 2008.

This program has been once little help to you.
and if u have some times, please read a ReadMe.txt in /Debug.
Thank u. and Good days.
My first Effect ! (Idea !) Tue, 02 Oct 2012 03:29:20 -0700 SantalLican 6346@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
Tile Map Editor - UPDATED 13th Feb 08 - example code Mon, 22 Oct 2007 20:40:43 -0700 mercior 2867@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
It supports 3 texture layers, and a layer of 'entity' tiles, which will enable the level designer to place logical parts of the map, eg player triggers, monster spawners, that kind of thing.

=============UPDATE NOV 28th=============

Editor Released.

The other buttons on the editor are fairly self-explanitory. The editor loads textures from the gfx/textures/ folder. It puts any subfolders of gfx/textures/ into the drop down texture list, then loads sprites from that folder and places them in the texture list. It will load individual images and tileset images seamlessly.

Entitys and their properties are defined in entitys.ini.

=============UPDATE FEB 03=============

I have provided a new download link below to a newer version of the editor, and example source code of how to load & render maps created with the editor. The source also shows how to do basic point collision detection on the map (the cursor changes color when you move it over grass).

The HGETileMap class included in this example is modified from a game I am working on, so it contains more advanced functions that I have shown in the turorial. You may want to explore these yourself, or post on this thread for advice on using them. Also please be aware that this is a work in progress and so the code is not perfect!

You may edit any of the included code as you see fit. I wouldn't mind a mention in the credits of your program if you do use my code 8)

=============UPDATE FEB 06=============

New features:

+ Zoom Control! HOLD SHIFT + SCROLL MOUSE WHEEL to zoom in/out.
+ "Load Map" dialog now uses a combo box to select from existing maps
+ CTRL+S 'Save Map' shortcut.
+ Improved dragging & WASD Scrolling.
+ Fixed a huge bug in the saving of maps, where it was saving the same tile multiple times. I would advise re-making any maps made in older versions, although its not too serious.

=============UPDATE FEB 07=============

New features:

+ Selection Control! HOLD SHIFT + Drag to select a rectangle of tiles.
+ You can drag the selected tiles around with the left mouse button
+ LEFT CLICKING off the selection will move the selected tiles to the new location.
+ RIGHT CLICKING off the selection will cancel the selection & do no action.
+ CTRL + LEFT CLICKING off the selection will clone the selected tiles at the new location.
+ SPACE BAR will fill the selected region with the selected texture.

=============UPDATE FEB 13=============

New features:

+ Combo Box updated to handle multiple columns
+ Editor Resolution is defined in config.ini
+ 2 Missing Collision types added
+ Missing font for rendering entity names is now included
+ Various bugfixes

+ XML Output - located on the 'maps' tab (for caro, Boder, and others)


Download Link (Latest Editor + Example Source Code):


Left click places a tile
Right click removes a tile
Shift + Left click drags a selection rectangle. While you have a region selected, you can:

LEFT CLICK & DRAG to move the selected region around
LEFT CLICK off the selection to move the selected tiles to the new location
RIGHT CLICK off the selection to cancel the selection & do no action
CTRL + LEFT CLICK off the selection to clone the selected tiles at the new location.
SPACE BAR to fill the selected region with the selected texture.

Hold Middle Mouse can be used to scroll around the map
WASD can also be used to scroll around the map
Arrow Keys & Q,E,R,F change texture list selection
Shift + Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out
Ctrl + S to save map

In the precompiled EXE for the example, controls are:
Arrow Keys - move camera around
Mouse - move cursor around. Cursor changes color when it touches grass.

One Game (china) Mon, 06 Mar 2006 10:21:01 -0800 m9551 1422@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

Need Help : HGE Lightning bolt particle system ! Tue, 17 Apr 2012 01:40:48 -0700 SantalLican 6323@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions I don't know hơw to make a lightning bolt system by HGE Particle Systems Editor,and how to add it properly.
Does anyone know how to do that ? Help me !
Line rendering Tue, 10 Apr 2012 06:42:23 -0700 SantalLican 6321@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions I'm got trouble with Gfx_RenderLine(). I can render but the line isn't smooth.
There is my code :

//Screen Width is 1024,Screen Height is 768
bool RenderFunc()
////Look !
return false;

Help me : How to render smooth lines with HGE ? ]]>
Line rendering 2 Thu, 12 Apr 2012 09:50:29 -0700 SantalLican 6322@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions Direct download link :
Use 1-2-3 buttons to change styles of (eight-shaped line,ellipse line or spiral line).
Use Up-Down buttons to increase-decrease speed.
Use N button to show up some other lines which are attached to the line parent,M button to change line parent such as ellipse or eight-shaped line.
Use C button to change color of the lines.
Use Z for a different looking.]]>
Zombies Nibble, Bombs Be Quick Sun, 01 Apr 2012 23:50:44 -0700 McDogmeat 6320@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions
I recently released a playable preview of the game I've been working on. It had a really boring code name so for now I've settled on calling it Zombies Nibble, Bombs Be Quick. It's been fun to work on so far and I look forward to doing more.

In summary, it's a turn-based game played with cards, where you have only a short amount of time to get your character safely outside his or her zombie-infected town before a bomb drops down and wipes the whole thing out. Each turn the player draws cards from his or her deck, which can then be used to control the hero's movements and actions.

I've received a little bit of feedback on it so far but I'd love to get more! Any kind would be greatly appreciated. So far, the big thing I'm told is that the game is very challenging, so I'm thinking about creating easier difficulty levels.

Thanks all!!

I have an image to be clickable. The idea is like BOOKWORM. Thu, 01 Mar 2012 00:22:19 -0800 sgfrd07 6311@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

I don't know how to make the image as an individual tile it has 70x70 each tile.
please help with my rendezvous.]]>
hge Processor Loads Mon, 13 Feb 2012 19:28:17 -0800 Xack 6302@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions HGE overloads the CPU.

Please help me. This is not only me, but I and my friends.
hge - 1.8.1
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 965
GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5770

Why is the CPU load, and how to fix it?

** Haaf's Game Engine 1.8
** Copyright (C) 2003-2007, Relish Games
** hge_tut01 - Minimal HGE application

#include "..\..\include\hge.h"

HGE *hge = 0;

// This function will be called by HGE once per frame.
// Put your game loop code here. In this example we
// just check whether ESC key has been pressed.
bool FrameFunc()
// By returning "true" we tell HGE
// to stop running the application.
if (hge->Input_GetKeyState(HGEK_ESCAPE)) return true;

// Continue execution
return false;

// Here we use global pointer to HGE interface.
// Instead you may use hgeCreate() every
// time you need access to HGE. Just be sure to
// have a corresponding hge->Release()
// for each call to hgeCreate()
hge = hgeCreate(HGE_VERSION);

// Set our frame function
hge->System_SetState(HGE_FRAMEFUNC, FrameFunc);

// Set the window title
hge->System_SetState(HGE_TITLE, "HGE Tutorial 01 - Minimal HGE application");

hge->System_SetState(HGE_FPS, HGEFPS_VSYNC);

// Run in windowed mode
// Default window size is 800x600
hge->System_SetState(HGE_WINDOWED, true);

// Don't use BASS for sound
hge->System_SetState(HGE_USESOUND, false);

// Tries to initiate HGE with the states set.
// If something goes wrong, "false" is returned
// and more specific description of what have
// happened can be read with System_GetErrorMessage().
// Starts running FrameFunc().
// Note that the execution "stops" here
// until "true" is returned from FrameFunc().
// If HGE initialization failed show error message
MessageBox(NULL, hge->System_GetErrorMessage(), "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR | MB_APPLMODAL);

// Now ESC has been pressed or the user
// has closed the window by other means.

// Restore video mode and free
// all allocated resources

// Release the HGE interface.
// If there are no more references,
// the HGE object will be deleted.

return 0;
WYSI-Deception-Wars Fri, 06 May 2011 02:00:12 -0700 DrUiD 6095@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

Extended version of the game that was created during polish edition of Global Game Jam 2010 (We won it!).
For now it's only a simple space shooter :-)

Short Description
Everything revolves around E115 - the energy source needed for the development of human civilization
centered around the United Federation of Planets. E115 exists on only one star system in the entire
universe. Unfortunately Tandigrades need it also.
Star War between the Federation and the Tandigrades started.

Deception-Wars will be divided into several single player campaigns, but will also offer multiplayer modes
in the future: Death Match, Warfare.

Latest version 2.0 is available on:

Useful Links - HaCra Team Website - HaCra Team Bugtracker
email: contact[at]
paypal: druid19[at]

I'm waiting for your opinions and suggestions..
Have fun! :-)]]>
Herofy match 3 Thu, 06 Jan 2011 00:30:43 -0800 anpd 5948@/forum/index.php?p=/discussions